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Cambridge is world renowned for the number of scientific discoveries that have been made here. Unfortunately, it is hard to visit any of the places that were associated with these breakthroughs. However you can visit;

  • The Eagle Pub, where Crick and Watson announced their discovery of the structure of DNA
  • Cambridge Science Centre - an exploratorium with the aim of engaging children with the wonders of science
  • The Wren Library in Trinity College. Among its collection of rare books in Isaac Newton's own copy of his Principia Mathematica. Opening times for the public are very limited, so check their website carefully.
  • Cambridge Botanic garden has a teaching collection of rare plant and trees, many grown from seeds returned by Victorian explorers from around the world.
  • On a sunny morning in the spring or summer, it is nice to wander through Coe Fen, by the river on the south side of the city. This is where a young Charles Darwin taught himself zoology by collecting beatles whilst at Cambridge, only a few years before he set off on his fateful Voyage of the Beagle that eventually led to the Origin of Species.


Cambridge offers a whole host of cultural and leisure activities, including the Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge Arts Theatre, the Corn Exchange, Duxford Air Museum, Newmarket Racecourse, the National Horseracing Museum and many more.


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